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Claudio Biasia

Nestled in the heart of Vicenza, opposite the church of San Filippo Neri, the eighteenth-century historical building, then numbered 2407, was designed by the Vicentine architect Count Ottone Maria Calderari (1730-1803) for the brothers Alfonso and Francesco Loschi. The palace is embellished with mascarons decorating the windows and the entrance arch on the ground floor. Actually the plastic ornaments seem to recall the hand of Giambattista Bedazzoli, a disciple of Antonio Canova, who established his workshop in Vicenza in 1774.

Rethinking history

This wonderful historical building is a silent witness to important events that took place in the city. Among them, the cannonball that hit the palace in 1805 during the Franco-Austrian conflict and visible on the side of the façade ever since is of great significance. Also noteworthy are the two marble inscriptions, still visible in the palace atrium, which testify that the Crown Prince Umberto di Savoia and the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele stayed at the Loschi abode.

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