When, walking along Vicenza’s main street, I met, fall in love and created this new space, magically out of the past but already a synthesis of the future, I felt overwhelmed by its powerful fascination. I named it ‘No Other Place’ after uttering: ‘I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here’. I’m delighted to share this awesome feeling, that is why No Other Place is open to whatever you wish to experience: a dinner, event, meeting, conference, a short or long stay.

You will love your stay in this palace.

The ultimate challenge for an antique palace is to make you feel at home. These rooms welcome you as if they have known you forever; at the same time, they give you the uniqueness of an unforgettable experience, until becoming a remembrance, indelible, and powerful.

If you are planning an event: this place will inspire you.

Welcome to ‘No Other Place’, a place that uniquely combines history, art, culture, harmony, beauty and contemporaneity.

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